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About Us


Building a brand new industry is no small feat to be taken lightly. Our team of visionaries have an unbeatable track record of successful startups and have extensive experience in emerging markets. The My Marijuana team is building a foundation in the medical marijuana sector that will set the company apart from its competitors with a focus on marijuana growing technology, perfecting our brands and distribution strategies.

  • What does the market want?
  • Where will the market go?
  • What does it look like in 10 years?
  • What other businesses will benefit?
  • How can we enter the USA market
  • What does distribution look like?
  • How can we innovate?
  • How will legalization change everything?
  • What can we learn from prohibition?
  • How can we leverage partnerships?
  • What is the best way to educate our customers?
  • What are our goals for research and development?
  • What other products can we develop?
  • What will set our brands apart from others?
  • How can we do it better?

While many companies are now just trying to answer these questions, the My Marijuana team for the past 5 years has been working on the answers and creating solutions. Five years of research, analytics, brain storming, field experience and market research has resulted in a unified company vision that will build a company unlike any other in the industry. Through innovation, advanced distribution and creative marketing My Marijuana is leading the charge of this exciting new industry.

My Marijuana Canada Inc. is an emerging producer and distributor of medical marijuana that has applied to Health Canada for a medical marijuana production and distribution license under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. My Marijuana has an extensive list of industry assets that make it well prepared for commercial distribution of medical marijuana, including a growing facility property, exclusive access to patients and many years of industry expertise on the company’s board of directors and staff.

The Company has purchased an 8 acre property in Maple Ridge, British Columbia and has received approval from the city to build their 14,000 sq. ft. production facility. The company has plans to expand in 2016 and build up to 120,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse buildings on the property.

The Future of The Industry

Our Four Spearheads

Licensed Production sq 1

Licensed Production |

We are currently in the application process in Canada and the USA for medical marijuana

grow tech

Growing Technology |

Our team has over 30 years of growing experience to create higher quality products. .


Creative Marketing |

We are reinventing current marketing strategies to fit into the new world of legalized Marijuana.


Distribution |

We are using technology to build out innovative distribution systems and networks.

Our Team Members

These is the team behind our company

jon fiteni

Jonathan Fiteni | CEO

Mr. Fiteni has 14 years of experience in construction and operations of medical marijuana facilities.

Michelle Hackett

Michelle Hackett | COO

Ms. Hackett has 10 years experience working with Health Canada Medical Marijuana licenses.


Mark Forster | CFO

Mark Forster is responsible for the preparation of financial statements, continuing disclosure of the Resulting Issuer a

Jack Martel

Jack Martel | Director

Mr. Martel has worked in corporate communications for the past 7 years. Since March 2006 he has worked at Oracle Energy

Have questions about My Marijuana?

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about our company. Just give us a call!

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