Production Facilities

MYM is currently building three large-scale production facilities in both Canada and Australia. Upon completion of these three projects, the total amount of greenhouse growing space will exceed 2.7 million square feet.

The Weedon Project

Weedon, Quebec

The Weedon Project - The 1.5 million sf greenhouse project has been approved by the City of Weedon and Health Canada. A license application has been submitted. The City of Weedon has purchased 329 acres of land for MYM to build on. This project will include a cannabis museum and a cannabis university for industry training. Upon completion, the Weedon project is scheduled to produce annual sales of $1.275 billion with profit estimates of $650 million.

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Production Size (SQ FT)

2018 | 300,000
2019 | 600,000
2020 | 1,500,000

The Laval Project

Laval, Quebec

The Laval Project - The facility has been completed and is expected to be licensed by Q1 2018. The facility is 10,000 sf and will be expanded to 36,000 sf. This license will enable MYM to manufacture its branded THC and CBD medical products across Canada and the United States. The Laval facility is projected to produce sales of $25 million by 2019 with profit estimates of $15 million.

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Production Size (SQ FT)

2018 | 36,000
2019 | 36,000
2020 | 36,000

The Northern Rivers Project

Casino, New South Wales, Australia

The Northern Rivers Project owned by Solaris Nutraceuticals – a 1.2 million sf greenhouse project which, upon completion, will be the largest cannabis greenhouse in Australia.  The first crop is expected to be planted in the fourth quarter of 2018.  Solaris Nutraceuticals received a AUD$2,500,000 Grant from Federal Department of Innovation, Industry & Science for this project. At full scale, the new facility will have the capacity to support annual production that equates to an annual revenue potential of between C$800 million and C$1.1 billion. MYM owns 35% of Solaris Nutraceuticals -

Production Size (SQ FT)

2018 | TBD
2019 | TBD
2020 | 1,200,000

MJT Manufacturing

Toronto, Ontario

MJT Manufacturing Project – the 5,000 SF production facility located in Toronto, Ontario is a GMP certified, state of the art extraction lab and production facility dedicated to industrial hemp processing (CBD). This high capacity production space is able to produce large volumes with a high level of consistency. The facility is capable of producing a full range of CBD extracts and isolates. The MJT production facility is focussed on product development for MYM owned brands and white label production of a range of brands looking to enter the CBD sphere.

Our Brands

MYM is the sole owner of CBD brands HempMed, Joshua Tree and Dr. Furbaby. Its product catalog is currently being sold in Canada with sights on the rest of the globe. The product lines are constantly being developed to include new and innovative CBD items.

Joshua Tree is targeted for the mainstream health market. Joshua Tree will be launched in the 4TH quarter this year in Canada and the USA. This line will have 28 products. Joshua Tree is projected to do over $4 million in sales next year.
ProductsConcentrates | Oils | Nasal Sprays | Cosmetics | Tinctures | Capsules | Topicals | Edibles | E-juices

Dr. Furbaby is our CBD line of products specifically for pets. This is a rapidly growing market that is highly profitable and will be launched this year in Canada and the USA. Dr. Furbaby is projected to do over $300,000 in sales within the first year.
ProductsConcentrates | Oils | Tinctures | Capsules | Topicals | Edibles

HempMed is a brand targeted at the dispensary market and has been growing rapidly at 200% per quarter. Online sales for HempMed have increased by 600% since March. This line has 21 products. HempMed is on track to do $2 million in sales this year.
ProductsConcentrates | Oils | Nasal Sprays | Cosmetics | Tinctures | Capsules | Topicals | Edibles | E-juices

Press Releases

10/18/17 - MYM Enters Partnership to Build One Million Square Foot Cannabis Production Facility in Australia 10/10/17 - MYM Announces Consulting Agreement with Master Grower 09/28/17 - MYM Announces Partnership with Quebec Public Relations Experts – Nadeau Bellavance 09/26/17 - MYM Announces Non-Brokered Financing 09/26/17 - MYM Finalizes Lease Agreement on Building for Phase B of Laval, QC Project 09/19/17 - MYM Enters Into Consulting Agreement with Leading Cannabis Industry Legal Experts – International Cannabis Consultants Co. 09/06/17 - MYM Enters Into Asset Purchase and Consulting Agreement with “Mary Jane’s Touch” 08/21/17 - MYM Retains Salman Capital Inc. as Financial Advisor to the Company 08/16/17 - MYM Receives Permit Approval to Complete Construction on Laval, QC Project 08/16/17 - MYM Receives Permit Approval to Begin Construction on Laval, QC Project 08/11/17 - MYM Announces “Open House” for Weedon, QC Project August 17, 2017 08/03/17 - MYM Enters into Agreement with Engineering Firm to Conduct Environmental Tests for Weedon, QC Project 07/31/17 - MYM Completes Architectural Layout and Finalizes Security Plans for Phase One ACMPR Greenhouses at the Weedon, QC project 07/27/17 - New Health Canada Regulations Allow for Substantial Increase in MYM Vault Size 07/17/17 - MYM Welcomes Nicolas Elbaze to the Sublime Team 06/29/17 - MYM and GGS Structures Working Together on Weedon Greenhouse Project and Quality Assurance Person Joins Team 06/26/17 - MYM Interviewed by CBC National News Regarding Weedon Project 06/23/17 - MYM Acquires CBD Brand “Joshua Tree” 06/20/17 - MYM to Build 1.5 Million Square Foot Cannabis Greenhouse Facility in Weedon, QC 06/19/17 - MYM Announces Terry Brown as New Investor Relations Representative 06/16/17 - MYM Receives DTC Approval Allowing US Investors to Trade Shares Under the Symbol MYMMF 06/07/17 - Compensation for New Director and Executive Chairman 06/02/17 - MYM Appoints New Director and Insiders Buy Shares 06/01/17 - MYM Announces Close of Non-Brokered Financing 05/10/17 - Acquisition Update: HempMed Sales Exceed Expectations 05/04/17 - MYM Announces Non-Brokered Private Placement 04/28/17 - MYM Announces Rob Gietl as New CEO 04/11/17 - MYM Closes Acquisition of Leading Hemp CBD Brand “HempMed” 04/05/17 - MYM to Develop the Cannabis “Gold Standard” for Product Testing Process and Technology in Canada 03/10/17 - MYM to Acquire Leading Hemp CBD Brand “HempMed” 02/22/17 - MYM Closes Acquisition of Majority Interest in Inspection-Stage Licensed Producer Application 02/09/17 - MYM Announces Closing of Non-Brokered Financing 02/01/17 - MYM Announces Acquisition of Majority Interest in Stage -4 Licensed Producer Application

Management Team

ERICK FACTOR | EXECUTIVE CHAIRMANMr. Erick Factor has been appointed to the Company’s Board of Directors and will also serve as Executive Chairman. Mr. Factor is a well-known expert in the cannabis industry and has 20 years of experience in cultivating medical marijuana and manufacturing cannabis by-products, and has provided medical marijuana to thousands of patients over the past two decades. Mr. Factor is also the founder of the “Westcoast Medicann” dispensary, one of just a  handful of dispensaries in Vancouver to be licensed under the City of Vancouver’s stringent bylaws. He has extensive experience working with Health Canada, from whom he has obtained MMAR and MMPR licenses for hundreds of patients, and has managed and operated grow facilities to produce for those patients. Mr. Factor has also gained invaluable experience over the past three years in ACMPR licensing regulations and applications.
ROB GIETL | CEOMr. Gietl was most recently the Director of Business Development at NRI Global Inc. where he headed up multi-million dollar industrial acquisitions, environmental remediation and global sales of reusable assets and commodities. His skills in negotiations and plan development enabled him to leverage partnerships to accelerate expansion and facilitate synergy in execution. Mr. Gietl is well known for his ability to exponentially grow businesses including the west coast franchise expansion of Dominos Pizza, where he Consistently grew the annual business to achieve 300+% increases year over year. Mr. Gietl is a seasoned Business Development and Operations executive with a diverse track record of leading change across all areas of concept creation, brand re-positioning, market penetration, fiscal accountability and efficient execution of business plans. He has grown business effectiveness in an array of sectors and circumstances throughout Canada, consistently aligned with stakeholders goals and values.
IAN RAMAGE | DIRECTORIan Ramage grew up in British Columbia and holds a Computer Engineering degree from Simon Fraser University and J.D. and LL.M. degrees from the  University of British Columbia. He practiced law in the Bay Area for eight years for a variety of biotech and high-tech clients, returning to Vancouver in  2009 to continue to build his corporate and securities practice. Most recently, Ian was counsel for a national chain of marijuana dispensaries and has advised several others on marijuana regulations and corporate matters.
MARK FORSTER | CFOMark Forster will be responsible for the preparation of financial statements, continuing disclosure of the Resulting Issuer and the management of internal control procedures. He has over 25 years of financial accounting experience in banking, manufacturing of beer, wine, and spirits, the oil and gas industry and in the mining sector. He has been a director and the CFO of Teletouch Services Inc., a private technology company, since December 2004. He was a  manager of BearingPoint LLP, a management and technology company, from January 1996 to December 2006. Mark G. Forster was granted a CGA  designation by the Certified General Accountant’s Association, BC  in 1992.

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